Gavan Hennigan on the Breifne Earley Show

This week Breifne Earley is joined by Galway adventurer Gavan Hennigan about how he survived drugs and alcohol addiction through his late teens and early twenties to learning to surf and starting to experience adventures most people only dream about.

Galway man Gavan Hennigan finishes second in ‘world’s toughest adventure race’

FIVE DAYS AND 300 frigid, frigid miles later, Irishman Gavan Hennigan has finished second in the ‘world’s toughest adventure race’, setting the third fastest time in history doing so.

The Galway native finished the course in just over 123 hours, about six hours behind Jan Kriska who set a new record for the race in 117 hours, 26 minutes.

Extreme runner’s 300 mile Arctic adventure!

If it came down to sorting out the odd socks accumulating for years in the chest of drawers or running 300 miles pulling your own sled in sub-zero temperatures across one of the remotest places in the world, most people would choose the painstaking chore of matching up their odd socks . . . right?

Interview with Gavan Hennigan

Gavan Hennigan is from Galway, Ireland, where he lives. For his day job he works as a Saturation Diver in the North Sea, and this involves living in a pressurised chamber for 28-days at a time. He spends between 100-150 days a year under pressure to depths of 200m. He’s also the part owner of Irish clothing company Emerald Surf Wear. You can follow his amazing travels here.