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What drives a man to row 5556km, solo, across the Atlantic Ocean?

WHEN WE LAST met Galway native Gavan Hennigan, he had just posted the third fastest time in the history of the world’s coldest adventure race — the Yukon Arctic Ultra – running 300 miles in five days on six hours of sleep in -30 Celsius. To help recover, he set off on an expedition along Lake Baikal in Siberia in March. At 636km long, it is the oldest and deepest lake in the world and Hennigan became one of just a handful of people to complete a solo traverse of it.

Galway man Gavan Hennigan finishes second in ‘world’s toughest adventure race’

FIVE DAYS AND 300 frigid, frigid miles later, Irishman Gavan Hennigan has finished second in the ‘world’s toughest adventure race’, setting the third fastest time in history doing so.

The Galway native finished the course in just over 123 hours, about six hours behind Jan Kriska who set a new record for the race in 117 hours, 26 minutes.