On February 19th 2018 Gavan will take part in the historic foot race ‘Iditasport’ in Alaska.

"The cowards won't show and the weak will die" - Laddy Shaw

The ‘Iditasport Impossible’ is a human power Ultra Marathon spanning over 1,000 Miles (1,700km) along the Iditarod Trail. Beginning just outside Anchorage, the race crosses the Alaska range, then through immense wilderness in central Alaska intersecting small villages and outposts that have no road access before following a section of the mighty Yukon River that leads to the coast at Unakaleet. From there the trail follows the coast on the sea ice and crosses open sections unto 50 miles before finishing some 30 days later in the small outpost of Nome on the Bering Sea.

In nearly 20 years of this grass roots race being run, only 20 times have humans made it all the way to Nome, one man Tim Hewitt has made the journey a staggering 8 times. Gavan will use his extensive experience in cold weather to make a serious attempt at completing this epic journey. He will need to cover up to 2 marathons a day in distance pulling a 25kg sled with all his supplies in it. Temperatures can drop to -50c in Alaska in winter.

The Iditasport will be yet another incredible journey and challenge Gavan will undertake, the cut off for the race is 35 days! But he aims to complete it in under 25 if possible, he will be trackable the whole way via the Iditasport website (links to follow) so why is Gavan taking on this race? -

'The iditasport represents not only an iconic race but it's right on the edge of what's possible for endurance athletes, I'm attracted to these sorts of races where you're largely left on your own to make decisions and look after yourself. There are so many races nowadays that call themselves the toughest this and the toughest that. Yes for people who work an office job it maybe. But i'm still looking for race or a challenge thats tougher than my day job as a diver!. I enjoy adversity and I feel I don't come into my own as person in this life unless i'm pushed towards my limit, Iditasport will do that and more i'm sure!" 

More info on the race here

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