I just watched my friend Kiko Mathews start her Atlantic row from Gran Canaria this morning, a long time coming for her and really proud of what she has done in the process, battling her own illness and inspiring a lot of women in Adventure. Also Damian Browne is 49 days into his crossing, with a couple more weeks to go. His videos have been hard to watch at times as he is a real as it gets. He is struggling to get comfortable which i know all too well about.

While these 2 nutters are on the adventure of a lifetime, i'm looking back over mine as it was a year ago today that i finished up in Antigua after 49 days on the ocean. A lot has happened since then. More than i could have imagined. But one thing the Atlantic left me was hungry for more adventures and challenges. But it's not all gone to plan. I wanted to row back across the North Atlantic but i sustained a stress fracture in my back from the initial crossing. I dusted myself off and looked ahead to whats next. The draw of the cold and the wilderness called again and i planned to go to Alaska this month to take on the Iditasport. 

But in the last couple of weeks i've discovered another injury and another stress fracture in my hip that i sustained in November. So i've had to pull out. The last few weeks have been tough as i'm natural reaction would be to set another challenge and just focus on that. But i've been in a funk and struggling to do much of anything. I'm not sure of my next move, it's a time of reflection and hibernation! 

I've not felt like posting much online either, so apologies for that, thanks for everyones support until now. gav x