New weather might affect course and decisions.

As the fleet hits the half way point it no longer makes sense to go further south. A weather system north of them is threatening stronger northerly winds over the coming days.

It may be more advantageous to stop than be pushed too far south. This is particularly evident to the Solo rowers like Gavan who rely entirely on the wind when they rest. Crewed boats will have people rowing all the time and can keep the boat moving west.

Normal anchoring isn’t possible in 4000m or water so they rely on slowing the boats with Para or Sea Anchors. This is a big cloth funnel that is about 3m wide narrowing to a 0.5m hole. Its attached by lots of light lines like a parachute. It can be 80m away from the boat so that it sinks into the big ocean swell. Gavan may chose to stop if he is going more south than west when he sleeps or while a weather system passes.Since the tracker just shows a snapshot of the boats every 4 hours you may not see the point stopped but you may see bigger differences in the velocities. Rowers Ark can be seen pointing north last night as they are in due north wind. Their speed is so low that it can be assumed they are on anchor.

Gavan has decided that he will deploy his anchor if he in unable to keep more west than south. So if he cannot go WSW or better he will stop.All eyes on the Low pressure below the Azores. Hopefully it will be short lived and the Trade winds will be back helping him towards Antigua.
Wind can be seen on the race tracker. It needs to be turned on in layers and is easier view on pc than mobile version.